Firepit: How to Build Your Own!

Learn how to easily build your own firepit (& on a budget!) with this DIY tutorial from!

As you may already know, this household loves to DIY and build our own things. Most of the time it is because it’s cheaper than buying it ready-made and sometimes we just like a custom product for our home. Things are no different for this amazing firepit in our backyard! This is not our first firepit; the previous one was extra large & made out of cinder blocks. It was useful in it’s way, but it became more of a[Read more]

Rustic Wedding Sign DIY

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here… the very last of the projects from my wedding/reception! (Or at least the ones I remembered to take photos of!) We had the reception on an island beside the river. It was amazing and I would not have done it any other way. Those that came to celebrate with us talked about it for weeks afterwards – so, I would say it was a big success! This tutorial will show you[Read more]

Giant Jenga DIY is Big Fun!

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Giant Jenga is another game we built for our reception. It is a huge hit for kids & adults alike! Materials Needed: (4) 2×3 10 ft boards or (5) 2×3 8 ft boards Sander 120 grit sandpaper Saw Paint Ruler Pen First off, you must cut the boards. Each piece needs to be 7.5″ long. This measurement ensures that the length is equal to the width of three boards. For ours, I measured out 7.5″ pieces from beginning to end[Read more]

Cornhole DIY: The Bags (pt. 3)

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Now we are in the last part of this series. How exciting! Part 1 dealt with building cornhole boards. Part 2 dealt with painting them. This part shows you how to make the bags for cornhole! Materials Needed: Duck Cloth Thread Glue Feed Grade Corn Sewing Machine Scissors or Rotary Cutter Pen Ruler Sewing Pens Scale (the kind used for cooking) First, hit up the fabric store, like Hancock. Duck cloth is a canvas material that is durable for the[Read more]

Cornhole DIY: Painting! (pt. 2)

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Welcome to part two of the cornhole series. This part will cover the designing and painting of the cornhole boards. Part one covered the building of them (sans pictures, unfortunately). Part three covers making the bags (with pictures, yay!). Items Needed: Paint! Paint roller & brush Sandpaper Painter’s tape Ruler (yard length) Pencil or pen Clear varnish Wood Filler (optional) We (my husband & I collaborate on most DIY) did not use wood filler, but if you choose to do[Read more]