Grilled Stuffed Banana Peppers

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The hubs and I love to grill out. When the weather is warm, most of our meals are prepared outside on our charcoal grill. To keep the redundancy at bay, we try to get creative with what food we grill. Thus, we came up with these delicious stuffed banana peppers. They are not too spicy and have a great flavor throughout. You could also bake these banana peppers if you don’t feel like grilling or even use the stuffing mix[Read more]

Yum! Chicken Marsala

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I am so very excited to share this chicken marsala recipe with you! This is my take on it & it is delicious! It was a big success with some guests I had over for dinner & I think you’ll enjoy it, too. It only takes a few ingredients, but there are a few extra steps to get it right. But I took lots of pictures to help. With that said, it is actually a simple recipe. You will need:[Read more]

My 21 Day Fix Journey & more!

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You may have noticed I have been a little absent lately. I have no real excuse for the hiatus, except that I have been working on some personal matters, including 21 Day Fix – which I am dedicating this post to. First off, I have lots of recipes to share with you! So, there are those to look forward to soon. What got me off track was my annual Halloween party (so much to do!) and of course I did[Read more]

Spaghetti Bolognese My Way

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My take on spaghetti bolognese is delicious, uses simple ingredients, and is friendly on your budget. Since creating this website, I have really pushed myself when creating in the kitchen. I have never been one to follow a recipe to a tee and that will never change. However, for these recipes I share with you I am writing down what I do, so you can taste the same deliciousness I do! Ingredients for Spaghetti Bolognese: spaghetti 1/2 pack bacon 1[Read more]

Yum! Caprese Pizza with Balsamic Glaze

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I’m going to let you in on something – this caprese pizza is AMAZING! The hubs loved it so much, he wanted me to make a second one so he could continue to stuff his face. (I didn’t!) Ingredients for Caprese Pizza & Balsamic Glaze: (1) pre-made pizza crust pesto fresh mozzarella fresh spinach (2) roma tomatoes balsamic vinegar honey salt & pepper olive oil First, lay out your pizza crust. I chose a thin pre-made one. And preheat the[Read more]