Master Bedroom Remodel: Pt. 2

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Yay! Now we’re onto part two of our ‘Might As Well’ project aka The Master Bedroom Remodel. Part one gave a brief overview of: ridding yourself of popcorn ceilings taking out yucky carpet removing an old vanity new sheet rock Once we cleaned up everything, I began painting our bathroom. I started by ‘cutting’ the paint – basically, outlining the painting area. The two colors I chose for throughout the master suite were found on this palette: The darker purple-gray[Read more]

Master Bedroom Remodel: Pt. 1

Find your crafty side -

Our master bedroom remodel is what I like to call our ‘Might As Well’ project. It started off simply, then turned into “Well, we’ve done this much, we MIGHT AS WELL do” this too! I am dividing the remodel into two parts because it was such a large project. Things you will see: painting walls removing carpet sealing floors with paint taking off popcorn ceilings installing wood floors sheet rock shelf building All in all, our master bedroom remodel cost[Read more]

Budget Binder: Get it together!

Budget Binder with Free Printables -

Today I am going to share with you one of my most prized possession – my budget binder! I have a slight paranoia about my bills & budget. And before this (confession time!) I would use each pay stub to organize what bills would be paid. So, at the end of the year all I had was a big stack of papers – most of which were lost over time. I got tired of having to remember every bill each[Read more]