21 Day Fix: Round 1 Results!

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The time has come to share my first round of 21 Day Fix results! But first, a few more things I have learned so far: Three weeks without junk food and sodas & my body feels amazing. What I mean by that is: I don’t feel ‘weighed down’ by all the fats, sugars, & whatever else I was putting in my body like before starting. Some days I just was not feeling working out, but once I hit play on[Read more]

WOOTD: 9/4/15

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Today’s work outfit of the day (WOOTD) is presented by comfort & style! I mean, when is it NOT all about comfort for me? It was really simple to put together and still look ‘put together’. I took a knee-length bubble skirt and pulled it up to sit at my waist. Then simply put on a black tank top under it & paired it with a light, patterned scarf. (Hint: I love scarves, so I wear them with everything) Tank[Read more]

WOOTD: 8/26/15

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For my job, I have to dress somewhat professionally – not quite ‘corporate’, but not ‘fashion-forward’ either.   In my every day life, my style could be defined as casual, cute, and comfy. I have an eclectic closet and thus, depending on my mood, my attire can range from ‘hipster’ to ‘preppy’.   I have decided to not only present OOTD, but also a Work Outfit of the Day (WOOTD), just in case anyone out there is like me &[Read more]