Bouquet & Boutonniere DIY

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Let’s start with the backstory: My wedding was split into two different events. The actual ceremony, which was very small and only included family. And the reception which was large and for all of our friends. Both events included DIY & for the most part, I remembered to take photos of everything! For this post, I will be showing you how I made my bouquet & my husband’s boutonniere. First, I went to Michael’s to pick out my flowers. I[Read more]

DIY: Coffee Mug

Find your crafty side -

Let’s get this party started! This is an oldie, but goodie DIY I did for my BFF. This is an easy project & you can find more detailed instructions almost anywhere on the interwebs. First, I bought a plain white coffee mug. Which apparently isn’t as easy as I thought. I went to several stores, but all of them had designs on them or weren’t white! So, I ended up at Michael’s to buy a children’s craft coffee cup. The[Read more]

WOOTD: 8/26/15

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For my job, I have to dress somewhat professionally – not quite ‘corporate’, but not ‘fashion-forward’ either.   In my every day life, my style could be defined as casual, cute, and comfy. I have an eclectic closet and thus, depending on my mood, my attire can range from ‘hipster’ to ‘preppy’.   I have decided to not only present OOTD, but also a Work Outfit of the Day (WOOTD), just in case anyone out there is like me &[Read more]