Cornhole DIY: Building the boards (pt. 1)

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For this two three part series, I will show you how we made regulation cornhole boards & custom bean bags for our reception (and beyond!). This part focuses on the building of the cornhole boards. Part two focuses on the designing and painting. Part three focuses on the bags. *also, after writing this post, I found I had taken ZERO photos of us building the cornhole boards. A lesson I will definitely learn from! However, I put a lot of[Read more]

WOOTD: 9/4/15

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Today’s work outfit of the day (WOOTD) is presented by comfort & style! I mean, when is it NOT all about comfort for me? It was really simple to put together and still look ‘put together’. I took a knee-length bubble skirt and pulled it up to sit at my waist. Then simply put on a black tank top under it & paired it with a light, patterned scarf. (Hint: I love scarves, so I wear them with everything) Tank[Read more]

Patio Table DIY

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¬†Yet another backstory to a project: The round patio table was originally a glass top. But, a large storm came through & the glass shattered. Rather than buy a whole new table, we decided to make our own unique painted patio table top! Materials: plywood (but the ‘nicer’ kind) router saw sand paper paint (I used acrylic) clear varnish/lacquer to protect the table top. First, we went to Lowe’s to buy a sheet of plywood. We picked one that was[Read more]

Yum! Asian Chicken Tacos

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This asian chicken taco recipe is great for a week day as it’s easy and uses a crock pot! I personally love crock pot recipes because I start it before I go to work and it’s done by the time I get off. Which is amazing since I don’t have to use too much energy to fix a meal for dinner. Now, I used two chicken leg quarters for this particular time because that is what I had on hand.[Read more]

Bouquet & Boutonniere DIY

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Let’s start with the backstory: My wedding was split into two different events. The actual ceremony, which was very small and only included family. And the reception which was large and for all of our friends. Both events included DIY & for the most part, I remembered to take photos of everything! For this post, I will be showing you how I made my bouquet & my husband’s boutonniere. First, I went to Michael’s to pick out my flowers. I[Read more]