Guacamole! Fresh & Simple.

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I love guacamole! Give it to me freshly made and I am in heaven. Let me make it at home and I am even better. Can you believe I have only been making it at home for a few years? I used to think something that tasted so good MUST be too complicated to make at home. How wrong I was! This guacamole recipe is so easy and so simple, why wouldn’t you make it at home? Ingredients: (2) avocados[Read more]

Rustic Wedding Sign DIY

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here… the very last of the projects from my wedding/reception! (Or at least the ones I remembered to take photos of!) We had the reception on an island beside the river. It was amazing and I would not have done it any other way. Those that came to celebrate with us talked about it for weeks afterwards – so, I would say it was a big success! This tutorial will show you[Read more]

Budget Binder: Get it together!

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Today I am going to share with you one of my most prized possession – my budget binder! I have a slight paranoia about my bills & budget. And before this (confession time!) I would use each pay stub to organize what bills would be paid. So, at the end of the year all I had was a big stack of papers – most of which were lost over time. I got tired of having to remember every bill each[Read more]

Yum! Caprese Pizza with Balsamic Glaze

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I’m going to let you in on something – this caprese pizza is AMAZING! The hubs loved it so much, he wanted me to make a second one so he could continue to stuff his face. (I didn’t!) Ingredients for Caprese Pizza & Balsamic Glaze: (1) pre-made pizza crust pesto fresh mozzarella fresh spinach (2) roma tomatoes balsamic vinegar honey salt & pepper olive oil First, lay out your pizza crust. I chose a thin pre-made one. And preheat the[Read more]

WOOTD: 9/25/15

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This Work Outfit of the Day (WOOTD) is for a fall Friday look. I paired skinny denim jeans with a 3/4 length black knit shirt, a light, patterned scarf, and heel booties together. It was comfy and the heels put a little sass in my swagger ;] As you will notice, I am ALL about some comfortable clothes while still staying trendy or professional or whatever the occasion calls for. Shirt & Scarf (Boutique), Jeans (Forever 21), Shoes (Payless).  [Read more]