Firepit: How to Build Your Own!

Learn how to easily build your own firepit (& on a budget!) with this DIY tutorial from!

As you may already know, this household loves to DIY and build our own things. Most of the time it is because it’s cheaper than buying it ready-made and sometimes we just like a custom product for our home. Things are no different for this amazing firepit in our backyard! This is not our first firepit; the previous one was extra large & made out of cinder blocks. It was useful in it’s way, but it became more of a[Read more]

Freezing Vegetables: You can do it yourself!

Don't let those fresh vegetables go to waste! Learn how to freeze your own veggies to save money! -

Let’s talk about fresh vegetables. They are healthy, wholesome, & delicious but sometimes you just can’t eat them before they go bad. I’m here to say, don’t let them go to waste and save yourself some money by freezing your own! This especially comes in handy when seasonal vegetables go on sale (I’m looking at you 25 cent corn cobs!) or when your own garden is yielding a lot of produce. Just take a second to think about all those[Read more]

DIY: Sliding Barn Door on a Budget!

DIY: make your own sliding barn door on a budget! -

I am finally ready to post about my sliding barn door DIY! The project itself was fairly quick, easy & cheap. However, it has been months since they were built & I never wrote anything down; I only took photos of the materials and steps. And let me tell you, photos are NOT enough when you wait this long to do a write-up. Like I said in my previous quick update post, my lesson has been learned! The husband suggested[Read more]

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Refinishing a Vanity

Find your crafty side -

I’ve been posting recipes a LOT. So, I thought I’d take a break from the yummy goodness & show you how I refinished my antique vanity. Which, to me, turned out AMAZING! So this vanity is old, but I couldn’t date it. All I knew for sure was that I thought it was gorgeous but needed some TLC. Materials Needed: steel wool heavy duty stripping pads sandpaper, optional paintbrush paint, color of your choice clear varnish, optional old vanity (obviously)[Read more]

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Kitchen Renovation!

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Yay! We finally renovated our kitchen! But before we get to the nitty gritty, it’s backstory time: The hubs and I have lived in the house for a while and along with our master bedroom (see our renovations of that here & here) the kitchen was my least favorite room. Also note: my mother-in-law owned this home before us. She did her own renovations to the kitchen, which from the stories, she helped it a LOT. However, the wallpaper &[Read more]

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