What I Keep Stocked in my Kitchen & Why

What I Keep Stocked in my Kitchen & Why! - NovaturientSoul.com

Inspired by my last two recipe posts, which held to the theme of ‘Chopped Challenge’ days at my house, I now present to you a post on what I keep stocked in my kitchen & why! I try to live a frugal and budget-friendly life, so keeping a well-stocked kitchen with versatile, flavorful, & simple ingredients is a natural habit that I have picked up. I also do not enjoy going grocery shopping all the time, so keeping important, useful[Read more]

Easy Taco Casserole!

Easy Taco Casserole Recipe - Perfect for a quick weeknight meal - NovaturientSoul.com

I introduce to you my easy taco casserole recipe (aka Taco Pie). In keeping with my ‘Chopped Challenge’ theme from my last recipe post, I thought I would share with you this deliciously easy recipe. In case you did not see my last recipe, my (what I call) ‘Chopped Challenge’ days are when I am running very low on groceries & need to come up with an easy, filling, & delicious meal with what I have on hand… which is[Read more]

Training a Puppy (The Ups, Downs, & Destruction)

Training a Puppy: The Ups, Downs, & Destruction - NovaturientSoul.com

Our dachshund/pit bull puppy, Doc (aka Fred), turns one year old this month, so in honor of him, I present to you this post. He has been a joy and a tester of patience, but we love him whole-heartedly. Please keep this in mind as I describe our first year together, because I am keeping it honest & real. Our first meeting: We rescued Doc from the ASPCA at one of their Petsmart ‘adoption day’ events on the very first[Read more]

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Crispy Buffalo Chicken Bites!

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Bites - A healthy alternative to chicken wings - NovaturientSoul.com

This recipe for crispy buffalo chicken bites came about during my (what I like to call) ‘Chopped Challenge’ days. What that actually means is the kitchen was depleted of most food & the grocery shopping fund was at zilch. Hey, it happens sometimes so you’ve gotta make the best of it! As you know from previous posts, I try out lots of different foods and recipes because I don’t like to make the same five meals on repeat. So, these[Read more]

DIY: Sliding Barn Door on a Budget!

DIY: make your own sliding barn door on a budget! - NovaturientSoul.com

I am finally ready to post about my sliding barn door DIY! The project itself was fairly quick, easy & cheap. However, it has been months since they were built & I never wrote anything down; I only took photos of the materials and steps. And let me tell you, photos are NOT enough when you wait this long to do a write-up. Like I said in my previous quick update post, my lesson has been learned! The husband suggested[Read more]

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